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12 2005

Properties with Potential in France


Properties with Potential in France

The French Real estate market has become very favorable for the British. this site enables them to find properties, usually with some refurbishments, but also invaluable advice on fiscal and patrimonial regulations specific to France.Details

10 2006

Joli Laupi

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Joli Laupi

Joli Laupi is a toys, Todler's toys, educational toys, games, and children's book -shop, situated in ' Montreuil ' one of the liveliest shopping areas of Versailles, with it's toys artfully displayed, homely atmosphere, blend of wood colors & scents...Details

05 2007

Bule Finance


Bule Finance

The bule Group specialises in real-estate management, construction, maintenance ,... in three countries : France, Portugal, and Morrocco.
Whether seeking an investment or a property in these countries, You will always find a Bule company & adviser to propose high standard real estate services in highly sought-after locations selected by the Bule group...Details

05 2007

International Players : Oklahoma! The show

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International Players : Oklahoma!

We are an amateur theatre group presenting English-language plays and musicals of a high standard in the Paris area.
We have been very active for over 20 years, putting on one or two English-language productions each year which cover a range of very different styles, from musicals and pantomimes to serious plays and comedies.
We are an energetic, friendly group and the membership is truly international with members from the UK, Ireland, the USA, Canada, Australia, The Netherlands, Germany, New Zealand, Sweden and ... France! Details

12 2007

Club de Danse Twirling Baton d'Andresy


Twirling Club Andresy

This project is a re-vamping of the existing site. We have added an administration area, corrected & reviewed the template to make it W3C compliant, made extensive use of the JOOMLA! CMS to offer our customer a user-friendly interface to maintain the website, including :
- Adding / altering articles and presentations;
- Managing pictures, and offering the visitors picture commenting & rating as well as slideshows;
- ...Details

09 2009

AserCo Partner

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AserCo Partner :
Votre Passerelle Business

Description ENDetails

09 2009

Andresy Twinning Committee

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Twinning Committee

Andresy Twinning CommitteeDetails

11 2010

Association pour l'Histoire du Commerce

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A.H.C. :
Association pour l'Histoire du Commerce

History of Commerce AssociationDetails

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